Drumheller Wines

Drumheller Wines


The Drumheller Channels were created thousands of years ago when massive floods washed over eastern Washington, sweeping vast volumes of sandy, loamy soil into the Columbia Valley.

Today the beauty of the channels has achieved National Natural Landmark status, while the great natural gifts that revealed these rock formations help to create the wines that bear its name.

Drumheller wines are Columbia Valley sourced and have a unique brand story inspired by the history of the area.

Winemaker Tim Jones approaches Drumheller winemaking thinking about elegance, the resulting wines are a more restrained version of Washington expressive fruit. He leans on Washington’s beautiful natural acidity and early picking to create wines that will show very delicate flavors, a pretty aromatic profile and fresh texture making them perfect for either sipping or pairing with food.

The elegant approach to winemaking continues through the ageing process where he uses very lightly toasted oak barrels to respect the fruit, a very small portion of these barrels are brand new, in order not to mask the beautiful aromatics created during fermentation. A shorter time in oak also allows Tim to capture and bottle some of the natural beauty of the place where the grapes are grown in these wines.