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Ste. Michelle Wine Estates Launches Prayers of Sinners & Saints Wine from Washington State

Paterson, Wash. (February 19, 2019)—Ste. Michelle Wine Estates taps into both its virtuous good side and indulgent dark side with the launch of Prayers of Sinners & Saints wine, available on shelves nationwide in March.

Heralding from Washington State’s top producer, the wines feature a unique label design with hidden glow-in-the-dark features—the first of its kind.

“We launched this brand on a consumer insight that human “good” and “bad” are not mutually exclusive,” said Maggie Streng, Senior Marketing Manager, Innovation at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. “Everyone has a little good and bad in them and this brand believes that one’s true self lies somewhere between a virtuous good side and an indulgent dark side. Now more than ever consumers are turning inward to find balance and embrace all aspects of themselves.”

“The glow-in-the-dark label,” continues Streng, “offers a dynamic consumer engagement without the need to download an app or use augmented reality. Both labels, while different in the light, reveal the same praying skeleton in the dark, suggesting that whether you are a sinner or a saint, we’re all the same at the core.”

While each wine can hold its own individually on the shelf, they tell a more compelling story when merchandised together. Consumers are given a chance to reflect and choose whether they want to identify as a sinner or a saint.

Prayers of Saints Chardonnay is bright and refreshing with 7% of the total blend comprised of “Black Chardonnay,” meaning the juice was oxidized before fermentation to reduce bitterness, increase sweet fruit flavors and enhance complexity. Prayers of Sinners is a broody red blend deeply layered with blackberry, dark fruit, violet and cocoa.

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